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Meet the Mueller Twins

So you are probably wondering who's who. Well, from left to right we have Kaitlyn (Kaitie) and Kirstianna (Kirstie). Kirstie is older by one minute. When you ask the girls what they like most about being twins they consistently reply "It is great being twins because we do everything together. My sister is my best friend. There is always someone to play with who wants to do the same things I like to do."

The twins are charming with a comedic side to them. When you ask them about the biggest challenges about being twins they replied with articulate stories that made me laugh:

Kaitie - "We are the same size, the same height, the same weight, the same everything. Sometimes we get mixed up about whose jacket is whose jacket or whose shoes are whose shoes. Mommy labels everything either "KI" or "KA". Dad says she is a real genius."

Kirstie - "Like Kaitie said, we are the same. Lots of times people come up to us and ask us which twin are you. People are always mixing us up. One time I went to lunch with my Mom, Dad and sister. I sat with my Mom at the table and Daddy and Kaitie got in line to order food. Kaitie went up to the front of the line (as she often does) and my Dad kept saying "Kirstie, get back here. Kirstie, get back here!" Finally Kaitie turned around and everyone laughed. Mom said Daddy had one of those "ah ha" moments.

Kirstie's favorite things to do include singing, modeling and making TV commercials. Her Mom referenced her "Diva" attitude and qualities. Kaitie likes gymnastics, cheerleading and performing in theatrical productions. Check out their videos.

Kirstie and Kaitie are mirror twins. Mirror twins look very similar to each other but the resemblance is even stronger if they stand facing each other (as though in a mirror) rather than side by side. Or get both of them facing into a mirror and things all start to look very confusing. To them it simply means one is right-handed, the other left-handed. One has a freckle on her left ear, the other has a freckle on her right ear, and so on. To find out more about mirror twins logon to:

If you are interested in finding out more about the twins, you can email them at: [email protected]

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modeling, acting, singing, print and theatrical performances.